Individual Psychotherapy

  We all arrive on this journey of from many different paths, therefore I feel it is important to design uniquely tailored treatment plans that are aligned with an individual’s relational, spiritual and emotional goals and needs. In individual therapy I work with clients to address the range of emotions that accompany life transitions, such as family planning, as well as issues of identity, stress management, depression and interpersonal relationships. 


Consultation & Evaluations

Dr. Wood provides consultation to help individuals and couples of all backgrounds and cultures navigate their way through different options for building a family. Dr. Wood works collaboratively with clients and their physicians to provide gentle and compassionate care before, during and after the family building process.    Dr. Wood also offers comprehensive and informative evaluations of potential donors or surrogates.  Dr. Wood is also available to facilitate initial meetings with you and prospective donors or surrogates, and provide ongoing monitoring and support to surrogates throughout the reproductive process.   


Couples Counseling

  The unexpected challenges of starting a family can produce financial and emotional strain on relationships. Dr. Wood works with couples to provide strategies to improve communication, decision- making and coping skills so that couples are better able to care for each other and their relationship during this stressful time.